my name is Anita  

I'm an experienced product designer with a strong focus on strategy and business design.

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Professional designer

I had the opportunity to work on many different projects, from small startup apps to complex government systems.

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Big-picture thinker

I like the holistic approach when it comes to product design. I always work with user needs, stakeholder requirements, viability, and design principles in mind. 

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Natural problem solver

I am familiar with design methods and frameworks like Design Sprint, Design Thinking, HCD, Jobs-to-be-done, etc. which helps me solve problems quickly and effortlessly.

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I work transparently and organized. I take 

responsibility for every last detail, every step of the way. I'm able to lead projects across the entire product lifecycle.

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Open-minded traveler 

I'm always seeking new impulses, adventures, things to learn and experience.​ Currently living in Budapest, Hungary.


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