Hello, my name is Anita. I'm a digital product designer. I can help you with website, mobile, web app design and more...


my design services

UX design

Meaningful Experience

I design human-centered systems with a flexible design framework. Throughout the process I focus on seamless experience, tangible outcomes and the business needs, as well.

Nowadays having an easy-to-use product is not enough to achieve success. Pixel-perfect designs and smooth interactions give your product the love factor.

UI design

Attractive Visuality

Strategy is the route you pick to reach your goal. I identify the best ways to reach business goals and develop simple and beautiful products that customers love to use.

UX&UI design 

Strategy from day one

single offerings

Information Architecture

Wireframes design

Prototype building

Wix site design / redesign


Why me?

Choosing a designer for your product development is crucial since it can determine the future of your product.

Let me ease your decision by telling you about my core design-related values.

I've been working as a freelancer digital designer for more than 3 years now. Throughout my career I had the opportunity to work in cross-functional teams, in close cooperation with developers. These projects taught me to balance user needs, business goals, design principles and product viability.

I've become an excellent problem-solver and due to my skillset I was able to form not only the products themselves but the internal processes of several companies as well through the power of design methods.

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